I have lived in the greater Seattle area for over 18 years. Spending the first eight years of my life in the hot and humid city of Houston, I can honestly say the climate is about all I can remember. I quickly exchanged my southern drawl for a more neutral inflection. The beauty, rain and opportunities of the Pacific Northwest have a way of keeping me in their midst.

Traveling has never been high on my to-do list. Beautiful British Columbia and I have had a few run-ins, though our relationship seemed to be confined between the 19th and 21st years of my life. Despite the transparency of my motives, they were always welcoming and willing to take my hard earned American dollars.

While attending the University of Washington as an undergraduate, I was graciously hired on as a part time ‘front lane’ associate at the local major electronic retailer. If a day comes when I don’t remember my register log-in, it will be safe to assume my time remaining in this life is very limited. The repetition of apologizing for sold out product and misread price tags was enough to make Mencius himself start to question the innate goodness of mankind. Luckily (or perhaps skillfully) I transferred into the installation bay. Free from almost all human interaction, it was here that I would refine my hobby of car audio installation and develop into a Mobile Electronics Certified Professional.

Working on cars was methodical. It was like therapy; therapy that healed in unconventional ways. A puzzle to see what you could fit where, how you could get one piece of equipment to talk to another, or why something wasn’t working correctly this time. Constantly challenging you to think outside of the box, and use tools that weren’t necessarily designed for the task at hand. I loved it. Leaving that industry for online marketing was a tough decision. Nearly two years after graduating from UW with my degree in Economics, an opportunity finally presented itself.

I’ve never thought of myself as a “techie”. Perhaps growing up with computers, the internet and beepers/cell phones made me blind to the fact that some people would never comprehend these fascinating things. In elementary school I was assisting my teachers and peers with video equipment, computers and calculators as a member of the Tech Club. Internet marketing seemed like something everyone should understand by now…wrong. The world of Search Engine Marketing/Optimization (SEM/SEO) is incredibly rewarding. Rewarding in the sense that I am constantly learning the ways in which people utilize the internet – the ways in which search engines direct people to what they are looking for, and how businesses can grow by making use of this powerful marketing channel. Currently, I am a professional SEO specialist in Seattle. Consulting businesses on industry best practices and helping them reach more customers than ever before. I am excited for the opportunities within this industry, as well as helping enterprises increase their reach and drive more traffic.

My current hobbies include a wide variety of activities, including weight lifting, hiking, snowboarding, football (GO HAWKS!) and many more. I have experimented with some home brew, and look forward to picking this up again in the near future. Thanks for visiting my site and be sure to check out U Saw ME (my blog), or contact me if you think my services could be of use to you.


Robert Williams